Microneedling effectively treats fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, improves skin texture and color and dramatically enhances effectiveness of skincare products. Visible results begin on the first day and continue for weeks afterward. As collagen levels continue to build up, your skin becomes more luminous and complexion more even.

Your Acupuncturist is uniquely qualified to perform Microneedling due to their in-depth knowledge of Chinese Medicine. Combining this ancient medicine with modern technology enhances health and beauty from the inside out. Each session includes a mini acupuncture session which addresses the internal causes of aging and organ imbalances that often appear on the face. Relaxing, restorative acupuncture treatments combined with microneedling, drastically enhancing the effects.

A treatment course of 3 or 6 sessions is recommended based on your condition. Package rates available. Contact for pricing and scheduling.

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